Temple Flower Guest House
Explore the nature..
Yala Safari

We will arrange you Luxuary or normal Safari to Yala National Park that is close to our guest house with our jeeps and well experienced safari drivers where you will explore the nature of it that you will ever remeber the joy of your tour to Yala.

Bundala Safari

You will be taken to Bandala where you could watch so many birds while you feel the great nature which is close to our guet house.

Dolphin & Turtle Watching

You will be able to see the dolphins and turtles during you stay at our guest house during xxxxxx as it is a commen thing that they arrive the Krinda beach during this time of each year.

Fishing and Diving

You will have the oppertunity to catch fish and dive from this area with our own boats and the talented rider who knows the nature of the ses in this area.

Night Camping

You will have a chance to get arranged a nigh camping inside the Yala National Park where you will really wonder to feel the nature in a mgical and romantic way during your stay at a nature friendly tree house which is high more than 20 feet from the ground build with safety.

Sea bathing, Hiking, Rock climbing & Cycling

We will have a nice time to do all these things with the availibilty different kinds of nature creations of this area where you will have lots of options to engage with.

Traditional Tours

You will be taken to see the prccession of Thissamaharama(June) temple and Kataragama (July - August)in the night during the time you stay at our guest house between xxxx to xxxx.